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Hi there. First off I am not telling you to break any laws, let's just get that out the way at the onset. What I am asking you to consider, however, is how a slight technical life hack can make your life easier, better and more importantly, SAFER.

In today's technological world, one should be inclined to do things smarter and not harder, especially where driving safety comes into play. Let's face it, most of us have to drive to get from a-to-z. With a little help, a technical life hack can make our travels much safer.

Enter the MPH Overspeed Warning Windshield Projector Alarm System

What this device allows us to do is project a holographic image of our car's speedometer onto our driving windshield, thus negating the need to LOOK DOWN. This, in my humble opinion, is absolutely MARVELOUS!

Let me explain...

It all revolves around precious seconds. My meaning is that the time it takes one to look down, while driving, then look back up and gain one's bearings is CRUCIAL to driving safety. In a split second, a pedestrian, car or some other physical object could impede the general area of our car's path of motion, thus resulting in pretty bad circumstances, to include vehicular homicide.

Ever try looking down at your car cd player and speedometer at night? I wouldn't suggest it, but for those of us who have made this mistake, I'm sure you would agree that it also takes those precious and crucial seconds to regain adjustment to what's outside of our front windshield... very dangerous circumstances indeed.

Oh, by the way, Eric is my name and is my website. I promote products that I believe in, on it, which is why you're reading about this right now. I'm passionate about car safety. Anyone who knows me would definitely tell you this. When I had a meeting with my team and this came across my desk I just had to share. Perhaps what I'm saying could save some lives someday. That would be great. Perhaps I just might have saved yours? Please let me know.

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To your continued success,

Eric Nathaniel Jones


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